road to growing and maintaining a full-beard

The thought of growing and maintaining a clean and attractive full beard may seem quite stressing and a time-consuming endeavor. However, it is worth the time of a determined guy who is after the untamed date-attracting features cute ladies look for in a men. Men grow beards for various reasons, nevertheless, most of them do it for boosting their looks.
So, how can you successfully grow and maintain a full beard?



First of all, you should understand the type of beard that one will finally have is dependent on genetics. The amount of whiskers and hence duration of beard growth will vary according to one’s genes. There are two steps which have been proven to be successful in growing a full beard.

1. Taking Good Care of Your Face. If you want to have that attractive beard then this is the initial and most important step. Consider ‘pampering’ your facial skin by following these steps;
i) Exfoliate your facial skin. This can be done by using a scrub or an exfoliating agent ( e.g Kiehl’s facial fuel or Enzyme peel). Exfoliating removes dead skin cells which will in turn trigger the growth of of new hair.
ii) By the use of warm water, wash your face at least twice daily. Clean skin encourages the growth of small hair.
iii) Apply skin creams which contain eucalyptus. This will help your hair more faster.
iv) The other steps which may seem obvious but play an important role in the growth of your beard include; getting plenty of sleep to help the damaged cells heal and avoiding and/or coping with stress in health ways because hair growth is quicker when one is relaxed.

2. Nutrition/ Balanced diet

You should ensure that you take a balanced diet in all the meals you take. This is because every part of the body needs specific nutrients for it to grow well. For beard growth pay special attention to vitamins and supplements. Take Biotin every day, this is known to boost hair and nail growth. Fruits and vegetables should also be included, most of the vitamins required for faster hair growth can be found in fruits and vegetables. These vitamins are B1, B6 and B12. You should also remember this famous primary school statement- proteins are the building blocks of the body. Therefore you should incorporate proteins in the diet especially from nuts, fish, meat and eggs.


After following the above steps, how can you proceed to get a full beard? Your response obviously would be, ‘by letting the beard be’. Yes, it just by leaving the beard alone. When your beard begins to grow, don’t your dare shave nor trim it. This will enable you to understand where your whiskers grow and in which direction. The duration( during which you shouldn’t shave) varies between 4-6 weeks because as stated earlier on, hair growth is genetically dependent. You have probably heard or had the belief that shaving and trimming regularly enhances speedy growth, well, there is no scientific evidence to support this. The baseline here is to refrain from any form of shaving and just let your beard be.

As the whiskers continue to flourish, expect itchiness and irritation on your face. This is because your face was used to getting a shave every now and then, shaving helps in exfoliating dead cells and that’s why there was no itching initially. This problem can be solved by maintaining proper beard hygiene. Use beard shampoo and conditioner and consult a health expert before applying corticosteroids (e.g hydro-cortisone cream ) on your face.


How to maintain a full beard is the final but continuous process that will determine whether the people around you will view you as a smart and handsome fellow or ‘another dirty bearded guy’. Seriousness first, ensure that your first beard trimming is done by a professional barber. Do not do it yourself, chances are you might make mistakes and deny yourself the joy you anticipated. Consulting an expert is advantageous because he will explain to you all the various beard styles and help in choosing the one that fits your face. The various beard styles include the Ducktail, Garabaldi, Short Boxed Beard e.t.c . Ensure that you gain a lot of knowledge from the trimming specialist concerning the type of tools you use, how to deal with problems if and when they arise. Have a regular schedule for time to time shaping of your beard by the professional. Last but not least have a beard shampoo at home and a nice shaving cream to ensure you keep up your looks. There you have your attractive well-groomed full beard.

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