The all inclusive Wahl lithium ion trimmer stands out from the mass of trimmers a peerless and advanced lithium ion technology grooming and trimming device. Backed by the most exclusive rechargeable battery technology, the groomer has the longest charge retention during storage; the most lasting memory, utmost environmental friendliness, and a 15.2-ounce weight spread through the dimensions of 3.1 inches by 5.5 inches by 10.5 inches that makes it ideal for trimming and grooming maneuvers.


With Wahl trimmer, you get triple the run-time and double the torque magnitudes that are typical of other rechargeable trimmers. And more exciting, the Wahl all in one trimmer offers 1-hour complete charge and 1-minute quick charge. Moreover, the trimmer is usually packed in the most comprehensive of manners, coming with six position guide, three t-blade guides, dual shaver head, three trimmer guides, a t-blade and a trimmer head.

Critical Components and Features of Wahl Trimmer

The Wahl trimmer comes with fine grade and professional blades for producing exquisite facial styles. The precision detailer helps to create personal grooming and intricate designs for the nose, brow and ear, while the dual shaver helps in achievement of super close shaves edged with precision. The clipper blade of the Wahl trimmer helps in producing superb hair cuts, outlines and fades.

Apart from extremely professional components, the exclusive Wahl trimmer comes with a green twist owing to its smart charge technology. The lithium ion groomer shuts down immediately after complete charging, consuming no extra energy, as opposed to alternative trimmers which will consume energy without stopping when they are plugged to power. The trimmer runs thrice longer than alternative trimmers after every charging session and therefore requires charging less often. The Wahl lithium ion groomer’s ability to hold charge without loss during storage ensures longer durations of use after charging and amazing energy efficiency. Most alternative trimmers will lose more than 18% charge every day.

Advantages of Wahl All-inclusive Lithium Ion Trimmer

For cleaner, closer, comfortable and smoother trimming of body hair, moustaches and beard, the Wahl trimmer delivers exactly what the manufacturer promises. The trimmer has the power to trim even the thickest of beards with amazing ease and will never be clogged up by hair because it comes with oil and blade comb for continuous maintenance.
The trimmer can fit in a small pouch and allow people who are traveling to carry it with ease. The battery life is exceptional and combines well with attached power adaptor. You can run the battery on quick charge after few minutes of plugging in power source.
The huge kit of around 17 items is more than anybody can require and offers great versatility than can be found with any trimmer. The narrow head is invaluable in getting around edges with utmost precision and will always be backed up by the most powerful Wahl motor to ensure a cleaner and trouble-free maintenance of moustaches, body hair and bears. The trimmer’s power means it will not pull your hair right from your face as your cut.

Shortcomings of Wahl All-in-one Lithium-Ion Trimmer

The trimmer vibrates loudly and some people may not be comfortable with the resulting noise. For shaving the hair around the nose, eyebrow and ear, the trimmer is used with a bit of difficulty.

Overall, the Wahl trimmer is a trustworthy product with a powerful motor, solid feel, longer charge retention and narrow blades for trim precision.