Can a traditional wet shave compare to a beard trimmer?

A traditional wet shave, to some is incomparable to anything else the finesse and functionality of a traditional wet shave can far outreach the expectations of the modern beard trimmer user. However is this still the case? Technology isn’t just advancing in your home, for your TV, for your mobile and your broadband modern utilities such as toothbrushes and yes even your beard trimmers are advancing faster than people realise making the chores of trimming your beard simpler than ever before, so with all of the advancements is there any need to go to your local barber and fork out £40 for a perfectly tailored wet shave?

moneymag-tradI go back to my original point that for most comparing the two is somewhat irrelevant, there are many advantages to having a traditional wet shave if performed by yourself, although tricky can become very cost effective and having a sharper single blade can give you a closer shave than using a beard trimmer who’s smallest setting might only be used for beard maintenance as opposed to skin close styles. This is where round head shavers and multi-blade trimmers come in to really give you that baby skin finish.

When looking at the cost of a modern beard trimmer you are looking at anything from £15 up to £100 for a top of the line beard trimmer, conversely if you are looking at investing in a wet shave these can cost anything from £20-£40 per shave! If done by a trained professional. Investing in your own wet shave equipment can of course save you a few pounds but it isn’t a simple case of picking up a single blade razor and going to town, a traditional wet shave takes preparation and a steady hand to do things correctly and of course to avoid some disastrous mishaps.

Another advantage of a traditional wet shave is the use of a traditional shaving brush, which creates a finer lather and protects the skin from the irritation caused by multiple passes with a razor, ironically those who choose to simply trim their beards and not gain a close to the skin finish don’t run the risk of cutting themselves, rough shaving methods and the need to lather and fuss about with the time consuming wet shaving method, so ultimately it is up to you what you prefer?

Both are very popular ways of maintaining a beard or getting rid of one completely. Both have their pro’s and con’s, thanks for taking the time to read this article, feel free to leave your comments below and let us know what you thought of beard trimmers vs. traditional wet shaves.

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