The purpose of the is to provide both the barber and the male consumer with the best quality grooming products at the best price. In addition to traditional supplies, we provide a variety of products that promote the history and continual success of the barber shop, its history and culture.  web site was created to :

a) provide the professional barber with an easy to use, convenient way to get the supplies he needed to do his job,

b) provide the male consumer with the grooming needs he requires to maintain his look between trips to the barber shop and

c) provide everyone with media that would educate, inform and entertain individuals on the rich history of barberiana.

What We Do ?

Our goal is to provide the best quality products at the best price for the professional barber and the gentleman interested in grooming.

We offer all of the equipment and supplies required for a traditional barbershop as well as shaving and hair supplies for every man’s home.

For those of you with an interest in the history and culture of the barber’s profession, we also offfer books and other media covering the barber’s fascinating history from the early days of medicine to fashionable grooming to important social hub.

Who are we?

Just some guys that remember our Dads taking us to the barbershop and what it’s like to get a real mans haircut.  Nope, no salon environment with perm solution wafting through the air for us!  Just give us a good old traditional barber shop and we’ll just sit and talk to the guys while we wait our turn to hear those Osters next to our ear.

What’s New?

You will find everything you need here for your barber shop or home grooming needs, but if you’re looking for something a bit new and different, check out the HeadBlade section of the Shaving area.

This newly designed shaving tool has every shaved head turning!  We also stock other HeadBlade products like their shaving lotion and sunscreen!