4 Reasons Why Men Must Shave


In ancient times, warriors and sages of the old often imply “greater masculinity” with the growth of their beards. Today, almost every ordinary man owns a set of safety razor kit. Shaving is considered to be almost as important as bathing. Some men cannot even imagine a life without their best safety razor. There are indeed good reasons why modern men shave and why owning a safety razor kit is just as important as owning a mobile phone or an ATM card.

  • Women prefer less hairy men

Oftentimes in the world of men, women’s opinions become the common denominator to their success. Women are often the cause for scruffy men to “man up” and make friends with the best safety razor built and designed to remove their selfish comfort zone. Most women think that a guy who owns a safety razor kit is decent and proper.

  • Medical hygiene

Owning the best safety razor is not only approved by women but also by health experts. Removing facial hair has proven to save men’s lives way back in history. The reason why soldiers are clean and sporting skinhead hairdo is because hair is also a good breeding ground for infective germs.

  • Youthful appearance

The question as to why women like clean-shaven men has a lot to do with their youthful looks. A safety razor kit can keep a man look younger than a scruffy pirate’s Fountain of Youth (if such a thing exists). Bearded men ought to try that trick with their best safety razor and see themselves in the mirror look five to ten years younger.

  • Maximizing sensation

Another reason why men keep their safety razor kit well used is because shaving can maximize sensations. Beards can often get in the way with warm gestures such as a child’s snuggle and a wife’s sweet kiss to the cheeks.

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