3 Reasons Why Men Do Not Want to Shave

As sure as there are good reasons for men to buy the best beard trimmer and all other swanky hair removal paraphernalia, some men won’t budge in terms of keeping their faces scruffy. Razors and electric shaver for men have become standard grooming tools. These days, the idea of not shaving seemed to be plainly wrong. An electric shaver for men is one of the modern tools that seek to rectify that “wrongness”. But in case you are wondering why some men think it is so unusual to have their facial hairs removed, here are some of the reasons why:

  • Sense of masculinity

The most popular reason that vilifies an electric shaver for men is the belief that clean-shaven men are effeminate. To some extent, a lot of guys buy this popular nonsense. To some extent, fantasy fiction materials often keep nerdy and geeky guys away from the best electric shavers sold at the men’s department. Popular macho protagonists (e.g. dwarves, pirates and Vikings) are bearded.

  • Religious restrictions

There are indeed some religions (islam …. ) that strictly forbid facial hair removal. Examples of which are Sikhism, Rastafarianism and Islam. Selling electric shaver for men in places with these creeds seems to be a bad marketing strategy. In fact, the reclusive group of Christians called Amish might view one’s best electric shaver as one of the evil machinations of the modern world.

  • Personal fashion sense

Electric shaver for men does not appeal to some men because they just have no need of them. Wearing a beard, to some guys, is strictly a personal preference. In fact, some guys need to have their faces covered with hair because of blemishes (e.g. being hare-lipped or having scars). The electric shaver does not have the best interest and good idea for their image.

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